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    My name is Greg Wilson and I write . . . Thrillers mainly, but other material as well if the mood takes me, and if I think you might enjoy it.


Why do I write?

    I write to entertain my readers . . . and (okay, I admit it) myself! I write because I love the challenge of using my imagination and amazing experiences to create compelling, fascinating plots populated by credible, well-defined characters, then using language and voice and pace to bring these stories and characters to life in a way that makes my readers feel as though they’ve stepped through a doorway into another world. Well that’s the plan, anyway!


Most of all I write what I love to read.

     As a reader I want stories that take me to different places and times; that fuel my imagination and play with my emotions and that keep me reading well after I should have turned-out the light. Stories that take me on a roller-coaster ride of twists and turns I never saw coming and that keep me guessing to the very last page. Most of all I love books I just don’t want to finish and characters I don’t want to let go. If all of that sounds familiar then although we’ve probably never met, I’d say we already have a lot in common.


 Do my books deliver?

     Based on the response from readers and reviewers I think they do. But you’re the ultimate judge so I hope you’ll take one for a road test and see for yourself!


Looking forward to seeing you in that other world.



I’m an Australian Entrepreneur, Property Developer and Author.


Originally from Melbourne, after quitting university part way through a Law and Commerce degree I started collecting experience in a variety of fields (Advertising, Marketing, Fashion, Hotels, Exporting, and more) before eventually finding my niche in the world of property and finance.


Through my own development and investment company, over the last three decades I’ve completed close to 40 property development projects and ended up involved in a ridiculously wide range of technology and other business ventures worth, in the aggregate, many hundreds of millions of dollars.


A number of these deals have involved complex negotiations with partners, investors, financiers and lawyers spread across four continents. They haven’t all been a brilliant success (just ask my wife) but they have all been fascinating, and through them I’ve met a whole cast of amazing larger-than-life characters, made some fantastic friends, seen some astonishing things and ended up in some very strange situations . . . some of them quite uncomfortable. But so far I’ve managed to extricate myself from all of them and survive to tell tale and I guess the fact that I’m still here doing what I do is evidence that I must have won more than half the time.


The bonus for me has been the fascinating experience all of this has given me in the fast-paced world of serious money, big deals and extraordinary characters, all of which now serves as a rich fund of material for my writing. And boy, is it fun using it!


I currently live in Queensland, Australia, with my long suffering personal and business partner, Vicki, dividing my time between providing strategic advice to private clients on high-value transactions, playing with “the next deal” and pursuing my completely ridiculous passion for writing.


To date I’ve written three novels (all published) and a couple of screenplays.


The Domino Game, my third novel, is now available as an eBook exclusively on AMAZON 

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